5 Best Baby Bottles for Gas

1.Evenflo Feeding Glass Premium

If you are currently looking for new baby milk bottles in Malaysia for your child, make sure to look into Evenflo. This specific bottle is not only safe for your baby, it is also recyclable, and therefore safe for the environment. Many parents love this because they are ergonomically designed, and dishwasher safe.

2.Comotomo Baby Bottles

Cleaning baby milk bottles can be tedious and time consuming. This specific Comotomo bottles simplify this process, while still providing a good feeding experience for many babies. Moreover, its nipples are shaped naturally, so your child can switch between the bottle and breast without any problem.

3.Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

If you are currently breastfeeding, and wish to prevent nipple confusion problems, you would want to make use of milk bottles with nipples that are very much like your own breast. Try Tommee Tippee. Its nipple is flexible, and is made of smooth silicone material that imitates the overall feel of a mom’s skin.

4.Dr. Brown’s Original Newborn Feeding Set

Dr. Brown’s newborn feeding set bottles have a unique vent system that imitates the breastfeeding process. This system sucks the air out to eliminate gas and colic. There are some additional cleaning involved, but according to many parents, it’s worth the extra work.

5.Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti-Colic Baby Milk Bottle

If you think gas is horrible, then wait until you know more about colic. Colic takes discomfort to whole new level. It is defined by long bouts of crying. Infants with colic have even more gas, because of the air they all take in while crying. Use this anti-colic bottle to provide relief.

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