Baby Care: Feeding Guide

Parenting entails a lot of challenges. Today, you see yourself shopping for cute baby milk bottles in Malaysia, then two days later you are at home having breastfeeding problems. Keep in mind that during the first few years of your child’s life, you have tons of decision to make, big or small. One of the most important decision-making processes you should focus on? Feeding and nursing decisions.

Do you want to bottle feed or breast feed your baby? This is always the first dilemma.


  • Stock up on nursing pads, as well as lanolin cream for cracked, sore nipples.
  • After just one month or so, you can begin using electric breast pumps.
  • Settle for relaxed, comfortable positions prior to breastfeeding, since it’s better not to interrupt your baby once she starts nursing.
  • In order to make breastfeeding a lot easier for a new mother, make sure to wear a nursing bra. This can help with breast support, and can also be used for easy access.

Bottle feeding

  • When it comes to baby milk bottles, there are fast-flow bottle nipples, medium flow nipples and slow-flow nipples which are used by newborns.
  • Inspect nipples for tears and rips at all times before using. If there are rips and tears, throw it away immediately.
  • Would you prefer plastic or glass? Glass milk bottles can be sterilized instantly, yet it can break and chip.
  • Plastic bottles are much easier and lighter to pop into the diaper bag. If you want, you can pick plastic bottles with those toss-away liners which collapse once the baby feeds.
  • Baby milk bottles come with either silicone or rubber nipples, yet you can purchase replacement nipples.

Toddler Feeding

Sippy cups, Dishes and utensils

  • Once your child begins eating solid food at around 4 to 6 months, you can start feeding with a soft-tipped spoon, as well as a tack of plastic bowls. Plastic bowls are a must, since babies love to grab and drop things. 
  • Remember that the best spoons for beginning eaters are rubber-tipped, and slightly flexible. Some baby spoons even have heat-sensitive coatings that change color to show when the food is too hot.


  • The most highly recommended sippy cups are leak-proof and lightweight.

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