Experience the Melaka Nightlife

Because of its rich cultural history, a lot of people that do not know Melaka on the inside might think that this place doesn’t have anything contemporary for modern society. But, that is just far from the truth.

Sure, you can find many historical sites in the city, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold up well with modern times. In fact, the city of Melaka has bustling nightlife because it is also filled with nightclubs and bars where you can party until you drop. Of course, it would be a much better experience if you have some girl escorts with you.

In this article, I will help you experience the Melakan nightlife by providing you with some party spots that you can go to. I promise, you won’t regret your experience.

Mixx Club

Established in 2011, the Mixx Club is the premier nightclub for the nocturnal crowd. In fact, if you ask the locals where the best party is going to be every night, they will usually refer you to this place.

As with all other established nightclubs all over the world, the Mixx Club is in an industrial warehouse- complete with state-of-the-art DJ equipment, as well as flashing neon lights that respond to the rhythm of the beat.

You can also experience the best possible party spot in the metro since the club hires some of the country’s best DJs. However, this nightclub doesn’t come cheap, so you better come with a lot of money in the pocket.

Alto Sky Lounge

Whether you just want to chill or you want to party, head on over to the Alto Sky Lounge found on the 22nd floor of the Hatten Hotel in Melaka.

This place is quite the opposite than the previous place simply because you are given two options. First, if you want a quieter ambiance, you can just chill in the bar if you want. If you want to party, you can go to their alfresco club located on the same floor that will provide you with the rhythm and the beats, while also giving you a great view of the entire city.

Libar Cocktail House

If you are a cocktail aficionado, then you definitely need to visit Libar Cocktail House. This bar has the largest variety of cocktails in the country which is why this is the place to be if you just want a place to chill while sipping your favorite cocktail.

This is the place to end your busy day touring the busy city of Melaka.

Hard Rock Café

We now live in a world where techno and house music are the norms. But, I am simply old-fashioned in that I want live bands to perform as opposed to blasting party music in the background.

If you have the same taste as I do, go to Hard Rock Café in Melaka where you will find live bands perform every night.

Aside from the amazing bands that perform live, the café also serves up some delicious foods and ice-cold beer to go along with it as well.

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