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The Korean alphabet, is the native alphabet of the Korean language and is called Hangul. It is a separate script from Hanja, the logographic Chinese characters which are also used to write Korean. It was created in the mid-15th century, and is now the official script of both North Korea and South Korea.

Hangul is a true alphabet of 24 consonant and vowel letters. However, instead of being written linearly like the letters of the Latin alphabet, Hangul letters are grouped into blocks, such as 한 han; each of these blocks transcribes a syllable. That is, although 한 may look like a single character, it is composed of three distinct letters: ㅎ h, ㅏ a, and ㄴ n. Each Hangul block consists of at least two such letters, including at least one each of 14 consonants and 10 vowels. Additionally the Korean alphabet has 5 double consonants. The blocks in Korean are arranged either horizontally from left to right or vertically from top to bottom, depending on the consonants.









































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